History of Langan's

Langan's Through The Ages

Created in 1976 as a joint venture between Sir Michael Caine, Peter Langan and Michelin-starred chef Richard Shepherd, Langan’s burst onto the global restaurant scene, attracting guests from Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John to Princess Margaret, Mick Jagger and Mohammad Ali. 

“It was like a private club, where one could see many of one’s friends. I loved the food and the atmosphere, even if you did have to fight through the paparazzi on the front pavement”.

          Joan Collins

“You are not coming to our restaurant on the way to the show or after the show: you are the show. When you walk in, you are the star. When you sit down, you are the audience.”

          Peter Langan

In 2020, Langan’s closed it doors for the first time in 44 years, but under new ownership, seasoned hospitality operators Graziano Arricale and James Hitchen, in 2021 the restaurant was renovated, reopened and reborn.